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Drouet/Richardville Genealogical Chart

Robert Phillippe Drouet m. Dame Elisabeth Dauenquerque
Children: Christophle - B. 17 May 1162

Christophle Drouet m. Francoise Le Bottu
Children: Suson, Antoinette, and Marie
Christophle Drouet 2nd m. Adelaide de Barrieres
Children: Charles b. 4 February 1202, and Robert

Charles Drouet m. Le Brun de Serisayes
Children: Alexandre Cesar b. 8 April 1239, Louis, Claude, 
Brigitte, and Petronille

Alexandre Cesar Drouet m. Crasseur de St. Mour
Children:Pierre b.11 September 1260, Martine, and Claudine

Pierre Drouet m. Christine le Seigneux
Children: Paul and Jean Baptiste died as infants, Michel b. 
17 June 1291, Edme Battazar, Sebastian, Denis, and Etienne

Michel Drouet m. Dame Louise de St. Genveuve de Messire 
Gerome Grabeau
Children: Gaspard Melchior b. 27 May 1320. and Henry

Gaspard Melchior Drouet m. Claude du Verger
Children: Louis b. 12 September 1364, Grabelle Francoise, 
and Marie

Louis Drouet m. Henriette du Cerceau St. Leger
Children: Rene Battazar b. 29 February 1402, and Marie 

Rene Battazar Drouet m. Louise de Sont L'eveque
Children: Theodore Emanuel b. 21 October 1441, Julien, and 
Jean Baptiste

Theodore Emanuel Drouet m. Dame Marguerite de Valencay
Children: Jacques and Mathurin died as infants

Theodore Emanuel Drouet m. #2 Francoise Nicole de Lavaux
Children: Jacques b. 17 July 1477, Michel, and Bonaventure

Jacques Drouet m. Genevieve Dosset de St. Remy
Children: Pierre b. March 1506, Henriette, and Genevieve

Pierre Drouet m. Louise Christine du Pousset
Children: Abraham Eusebe b. 1533, Jerome, and Louis

Abraham Eusebe Drouet m. Emee d'Aubigny St. Germain
Children: Pierre b. 22 July 1559, Louis, and Elisabeth

Pierre Drouet m. Marguerite le Boixtel
Children: Charles b. 11 June 1598, Armand, Jacob, and 
Michel Ignace

Charles Drouet m. Louise Bourdon
Children:Claude b. 15 7bre 1633, Etienne, Pierre, Louis, 
and Charles

Claude Drouet m. Dame Apoline de Soissone
Children: Claude Drouet de Richardville b.17 Xbre 1665, 
Denis Didier, and Louise

Claude Drouet m. 1687 Dame Marie Jeanne Desrosiers (b. 1671
daughter of Antoine Desrosiers and Ann Le Neuf)
Children: Denis Dydie b. 6 May 1693, Armand b. 25 March 
1695,Michelignac b. 28 8bre 1697, Antoine b. 27 March 1699,
Etienne b. 21 April 1705, Jean Louis b. 4 May 1707, Pierre 
Charles b. 27 7bre 1712, Claude Antoine b. 27 February 
1715, M. Josepha b. 26 July 1703, and Genevieve b. 2 8bre 

Denis Dydie Drouet m. Dame Marie Jeanne Michel Lemadre
Children: Antoine Joseph b. 30 Mar 1723 at Trois Rivieres 
Canada, Claude b. 3 Xbre 1724, Michel b. 10 May 1726, Louis
b. 29 April 1728, Appoline b. 6 May 1720, and Marie Anne . 
3 9bre 1721

Antoine Joseph Drouet de Richardville m. Tacumwah (Marie 
Louise Roy)
Children: Jean Baptiste Richardville (Pechewa) b. appx. 
1761, Joseph, Charlotte, and Ann

Jean Baptiste Richardville (last Great Cheif of the Miami 
Tribe) d. 13 Aug 1841 Buried at Cathedral Square, Cathedral
of the Immaculate Conception in Ft. Wayne, IN  m. ?
Children: Miahqueah, Susan, La Blonde, and Catherine

Other possible Children: Shock-o-mo, Meshingomesia, 
Shappandosia, Kokomoko (War Cheif of the Miami Tribe)

Info needed on intervening Ancestors 

Chester Richardville b. 11 October 1903  d. June 1980 m. 
Cecilia Brassie b. 7 September 1908 d. 23? January 1978
Children: Charles b. 22 September 1933

Charles Richardville m. Shirley Ann Klar b. 15 September 
1935 Daughter of William George Franklin Klar d. 7 January 
1968 and Sarah Evelyn Kirby d. 23 January 1978
Children: Deborah Lynn Richardville b. 20 November 1954

Deborah Lynn Richardville Gentit - James Leibman b. 5 
February 1955 d. August 1976
Children: Robert James Gentit b. 14 March 1972  

Charles Richardville 2nd Marriage m. Ruth ?
Children:John, Charles (Chuckie), Brenda

Deborah Richardville Gentit